Writing Retreat – Part 1

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I am thrilled to attend a writing retreat with Write On, Door County at the end of the month. This will be my first away-from-home writing retreat and I’m planning ahead now to have a really productive 8 days.

Write On is located on 29 acres of woods and meadows in Door County, Wisconsin.  In addition to the residency house, there’s a brand new writing center. Check it out:

In the residency house, there will be one other writer working as well. In addition to the common spaces, each writer has her own bedroom, bath, and writing nook.

My goals:

  • I’ll have my space opera manuscript back fresh from my book coach, Nicole, so I’ll work on her suggested developmental edits (big things like pacing, character arc, etc).
  • Then I’ll go through the book on my own to do a line edit (finalize details, polish the prose, etc).
  • To give myself a rest from the book, I also plan to draft 2 short stories.
  • And to give myself a rest from writing, I plan on taking walks around the property, exploring Door County, and doing yoga to protect myself from desk fatigue.
  • Finally, if I have time, I’ll read through the whole manuscript in one pass to get a reader’s sense of it, and work on the outline of the next book. (If you’re curious about all these projects, subscribe to my newsletter where I reveal the juicy stuff before I announce them publicly.)

I have a young family, so I am very much looking forward to writing throughout the day based purely on my own whims. I haven’t had a week alone since January 2015! I am very grateful to my husband who is managing the household solo while I get this book ready for readers. 

I’ll post next month with an update of how everything went and what the experience was like, but you’ll also be able to find a few updates on my TikTok the week of the retreat. And, if you’re a writer, and have questions about Write On or retreat planning, feel free to send me a note.

I'm Rebecca Zornow

I'm Rebecca Zornow

A science fiction author living in Wisconsin, I love traveling, eating good food, and reading long books.


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