Negotiated Fate signed hardcover (book 2 of The Displacement Duology)


Is fate negotiable?

Yaniqui has finally made it to the supposed safety of Earth, but at what cost? Her mother’s missing, galactic corporations hunt her for her healing abilities, and she has to live with the man she once loved who’s now married to someone else.

Unbeknownst to Yaniqui, her fate will depend on others also chasing a brighter future. Ippa, once disgraced by university expulsion, has been captured by a bounty contractor en route to Yaniqui. Lozen and D-68 lose all allies trying to right the narrative of an alien understood by no Earthling. Yaniqui herself is under pressure by an Earth government that would like to come due on their investment in her interstellar rescue.
While life on Earth should be an opportunity for Yaniqui to replace the planet and home she lost, it’s not. She fears that more than just not fitting in, fate is broken.

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Signed hardcover copy of Dangerous to Heal

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