Dangerous to Heal signed softcover (book 1 of The Displacement Duology)


“The first in a well-paced, suspenseful, and character-driven duology.” -IndieReader

It is dangerous to heal oneself.

In a galaxy where the last rare resource is unique humans, Yaniqui knows her ability to heal is priceless. She lives in hiding on a dry labor planet, mourning the loss of her engagement to Hloban, the man she loved.

Yaniqui is discovered when she heals an injured migrant worker and word of her abilities travels all the way to Earth, where Hloban lives – with his wife. He hasn’t seen Yaniqui since childhood, but that doesn’t stop him from immediately assembling a rescue party.

As the estranged, would-be-lovers are pulled across the stars, the surprising involvement of the small planet becomes undeniable. An Indigenous woman living in the environmentally fractured United States, an expelled student from an elite galactic university, and an alien who thinks only in the present tense discover Earth’s enigmatic role in the interstellar trafficking trade.

As Yaniqui and her unlikely companions fight for her freedom, she must ask: even if she escapes, can she ever truly be safe in this universe?

Praise for Dangerous to Heal
“The first volume in an exciting new SF epic!” -Matt Forbeck, NYT bestselling author
“A master at worldbuilding…” -Kim Catanzarite, The Jovian Duology
“A cast of diverse characters caught in a hostile galaxy.” -Elliott Wink, After Io
“High-stakes adventure and suspense.” -K. L. Mielke, Human Magic
“Highly imaginative.” -IndieReader

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Signed softcover copy of Dangerous to Heal

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