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Hey, Adam Jayul here. This is my first time writing a blog, but I think you’ll want to read it because I’m back from an interstellar journey and I learned a lot. I’m half-Wea Saavian, half Earthling. That means my body can heal most injuries quickly. I also live with my parents…gods, what do people write about??? What to write?!?

Notes on how to write a blog post:

-choose a topic that will interest others and provide value

-start with a strong hook

-use short sentences packed with keywords (note to self: look up potential keywords for a blog exposing Earth government propaganda) 

-link to other, more established sites to optimize search engine results

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Earth Secrets Blog Post #1

Did you know we almost blew up the planet? And that we might do it again?

Four decades before Earth made Contact with the wider galaxy, six nuclear missiles that had gone missing in the United States were rediscovered en route to the country that was once called North Korea. Unfortunately for us, the plane carrying them was an old Calston model. We know a series of hazard reports were filed in the hours around take off and the weight would have been significant, despite this aircraft model being built for rugged travel.

The aircraft broke apart over the Pacific. Five of the missile parachutes deployed. One did not. Miraculously, though it cracked and shattered significantly, the sixth bomb did not detonate. This fortunate occurrence has happened before after an accidental fall. All six atomic weapons sank to the bottom of the ocean without incident.

Clean up didn’t happen for another year, when information was finally leaked to the United Nations and teams could safely retrieve the atomic bombs from the ocean floor.

What would have happened if they had detonated? Well, underwater nuclear tests used to be fairly common in the middle of the twentieth century. Though incredibly harmful to sea life, the benefit is that water is an excellent blocker of radiation. The ocean keeps radiation from polluting the air and blowing over to population centers.

However, in this specific incident, the bombs fell over a fragile fault line. If they had deployed, they could have triggered massive earthquakes and resulting tsunamis.

You don’t hear much about nuclear fission bombs today because in the early years after Contact, the Joint Council helped convince our global leaders to disarm nuclear weapons en mass. That was one of the reasons public perception of alien life was so favorable at the time. Earthlings thought we had connected with a peaceful race, one that would usher in a new era of Eden. We didn’t realize then that life outside our solar system is complex, complicated, and has its own issues.

The thing is, the story about the atomic bomb isn’t over. There are currently 32 atomic weapons unaccounted for—most of them went missing around the time the Joint Council was negotiating the details of defusing with Earth’s leaders. The a-bombs could be truly lost, and hopefully will never accidently detonate. Or, they could be in the possession of governments that think it prudent to have what they consider the ultimate safeguard. Or, they could be in the hands of militia or, even purchased by the ultra-privileged Trillionaires that walk among us.

No one knows.

But you want to and so do I. Hi, by the way. My name’s Adam. I live in New Washington, WI and with this blog, I’m on a mission to discover everything I wasn’t told about Earth and our planet’s relationship to the wider galaxy. I’ll post all the content you never knew you wanted to know. Don’t forget to subscribe!


Adam Jayul lives in New Washington, WI. He recently graduated from university and is seeking employment. He likes tacos, live music, and went on his first long space voyage this year.

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