FAQs – Rebecca M. Zornow

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I’ve been getting some of the same questions about me as a writer and my writing habits, so I’m compiling the full list here.  You can view FAQs for It’s Over or It’s Eden here. Frequently Asked Questions How did you become a writer? Very simply, my sister told me I could be a writer […]

Seven Months Later

The six month anniversary of It’s Over or It’s Eden passed me by in a whirlwind of edits on my next book.  When I published It’s Over or It’s Eden, many people asked if I was surprised to finally hold the book in my hands, but the answer was “no.” I’d worked and lived in Arwen’s […]

Writing Retreat – Part 2

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A week ago, I was sitting in the near-silent writing retreat house at Write On, Door County. It was sunny and the only sound was water dripping off the roof and the occasional passing car. I would edit a chapter–rewriting sentences, adding detail, and squinting in disbelief at some passages–before taking a break to do […]

Writing Retreat – Part 1

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I am thrilled to attend a writing retreat with Write On, Door County at the end of the month. This will be my first away-from-home writing retreat and I’m planning ahead now to have a really productive 8 days. Write On is located on 29 acres of woods and meadows in Door County, Wisconsin.  In […]

A Note from Arwen

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Hey, I don’t know if anyone’s ever going to read this. The likelihood that someone picks this up is…pretty low given I’ve not seen a single survivor since I left my base in AZ. I guess writing this letter is a sentimental thing. I’ve been walking north for a long time now, and I’m feeling lonely. No, […]

FAQs–It’s Over or It’s Eden

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Readers have been asking me some of the same questions about It’s Over or It’s Eden, so I’m compiling them into a FAQ. Beware: there’s spoilers in some of the answers. And I did not make these questions up! Honestly. These are real questions from real readers. Frequently Asked Questions Where did you get the […]

My Top 3 Books in 2021

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2021 Books I Loved I just hit my reading goal for the year: 50 books! Though there’s still a month left of 2021 reading, I know I have my top 3. Each of these books made my brain whirl, my heart stammer, and my belief in the power of the written word grow.  Fiction Nightbitch […]

4 Ways My Perspective Changed While Writing My Debut Novel

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4 Ways My Perspective Changed While Writing My Debut Novel 1. To write about the future, start with the past When I began outlining, I knew my book would take place roughly 100 years in the future. I knew I was opening with an Earth that lost the ultimate war against the aliens, and my […]

Character Aesthetics

Before I started writing It’s Over or It’s Eden, even before I outlined the book, I wrote up character descriptions. I believe great fiction is driven by complex characters in need of something, something they spend the entire story trying to get. I always try to better understand my characters to uncover more about what […]

4 Books Like Mine

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Comparable Books to It’s Over or It’s Eden You can learn more about It’s Over or It’s Eden on my Stories Page, but if you’re trying to decide if my science fiction novel is for you (or if you liked it and you’re looking for more), check out these titles.  I choose two of the novels because […]