10 AI Predictions from a Sci-fi Writer

If there’s one topic people like to bring up even more than ask why a nice girl like me would write science fiction, it’s artificial intelligence. AI has turned the writing world upside down this year. We’ve already seen major shifts in utilization and the subsequent shaken confidence of the publishing industry. I’ve been taking […]

Cool Fan Stuff

An etching of a house and landscape with an ultra realistic sun flower as the sun

Recently I was invited to attend a book club to speak about It’s Over or It’s Eden. I was very eager to talk with the readers but when I arrived, I was blown away. There, on the kitchen counter, was a cake designed…well, I don’t want to give away spoilers, so let’s just say the […]

Themes in My Work

I started keeping a journal in ninth grade, paused for college, and then restarted it when I was in the Peace Corps. I enjoy going back to the worn, penciled pages to see what captivated me. What concerned me when I was fourteen and twenty-four usually still does now at thirty-four. I return to the […]

My Writing Office

etching with realistic moon

I spend a considerable amount of time in the little room with purple walls right off the dining room of my house. It started as a library and playroom, but over time it’s become more and more an office of my own. I have three bookshelves, two that serve as a library, and one that […]

FAQs – Dangerous to Heal

Dangerous to Heal is a book that evolved over a decade, first as an idea and a few pages when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in eSwatini, then as a shakily held together manuscript, and finally as a published book.  I’d like to use this FAQ list to share more about the book’s journey […]

My Top 3 Books in 2022

Two larger birds reading over the shoulder of a tiny woman

Books I Loved in 2022 I’ve always read copiously, but 2022 was a different kind of year for me. I probably read more than ever, but less finished, published novels than typical. I read a lot for work–my own books, clients’ books, writer friends’ books I wanted to review, and books about business. They were […]

How I Title My Books

I recently got a slew of new reviews for It’s Over or It’s Eden on Amazon and Goodreads. As a reader, I find reviews incredibly helpful when choosing what to read next. As an author, I have to be careful. It’s in poor form for an author to respond to reviews and sometimes they can be […]

Ippa’s Paper

Bonus material for Dangerous to Heal. Ippa sends her galactic anthropology paper to Bel for editing.

Dangerous to Heal BOOK GROUP GUIDE

Book Group Guide for Dangerous to Heal Human trafficking, lost love, prejudice, alien cultures, an elite galactic university…there’s so many interesting discussions to be had around Dangerous to Heal. I’m grateful you would consider my space opera for your book group. I’ve compiled this resource to help you have a fun and interesting discussion. If […]

A Day in the Life of a Writer

butterfly and woman

There are typical days for writers, days of editing and wordsmithing, and there are blindingly brilliant days with awards and confetti. There are days you feel you have something to say and days where you wonder if it’s only inevitable you’ll be cancelled. Days where you wake and work from warm bedsheets and those you […]