How to Be Creative

This month, I broke up a séance. I walked into a basement room where 20 people had gathered and demanded to know what they were doing. Nervous laughter broke out. Brave members of the group explained that secret clues had brought them to that location and one woman handed me an envelope. I tore it open—a woman had […]

$25 Million

Could we give the trees $25 million dollars? I recently saw Potawatomi botanist and author Robin Wall Kimmerer speak at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Her book, Braiding Sweetgrass, challenges us to rethink our connection to the land we live on and is reshaping what it means to be an environmentalist. Her book wasn’t an instant publishing success. It […]

Weekly Artist Dates

For years I had heard about The Artist’s Way. It was this magic book that would help artists produce better, do more, and feel like they were brand new sparkly people. I put it off because I doubted it could do much for me as a non-visual artist. I’m also not a spiritual person, which […]

My Ten Year Theory

A sketch of a woman reading in a chair with a realistic clock off to the side

Though I write about aliens, I’m not one for conspiracy theories. But…I have completed thorough research and careful observation to build one specific theory. The project has fallen to the wayside, for reasons you’ll soon see. However, I used to obsess over its documentation. The theory is: it takes ten years for a writer to become an […]

10,000 Years into the Future

To think about the future, first, consider the past. 10,000 years ago, an ice age was ending. As the ice sheets receded, they revealed giant glacier-carved valleys that can still be seen today. The mastodons went extinct, but human populations were booming at 5 million people across the face of the planet. Our ancestors were in the process […]

2023 Year in Review

Gargoyles viewing fireworks over the town

Many people think you put your first book out and, ha, you’ve got it! You now understand the intricacies of the writing world. But the writing journey is a constant. And this year, I honed my writing schedule, evaluated my priorities, and learned more about myself as a creator. Here’s some highlights from 2023: Writing I published […]

Space Economy Camp 2023

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Space Economy Camp for writers in Phoenix.   Space provides all of humanity with an opportunity. It is not owned, it is not populated—we get to try something radically new. And to do that, we need to think creatively.    The goal of the camp was to empower […]

Earth Secrets by Adam

Blog Post Draft #1 Hey, Adam Jayul here. This is my first time writing a blog, but I think you’ll want to read it because I’m back from an interstellar journey and I learned a lot. I’m half-Wea Saavian, half Earthling. That means my body can heal most injuries quickly. I also live with my parents…gods, what do […]

How do I Celebrate a New Book?

“How do you celebrate when a new book gets published?” I get asked that often enough. I also hear, “What does it feel like to finally be done? To see the book in your hands?” With each book, after rounds of drafting, editing, formatting, and proofreading, by the time the book is shipped to my door and […]

4 Books like Negotiated Fate

As a writer, some of my best inspiration comes from other books, and I loved these four titles. Furthermore, each bears similarity to Negotiated Fate, book two of The Displacement Duology. After the epic space journey of Dangerous to Heal, Negotiated Fate is set largely on Earth as Yaniqui tries to fit into her new […]