4 Books like Negotiated Fate

As a writer, some of my best inspiration comes from other books, and I loved these four titles. Furthermore, each bears similarity to Negotiated Fate, book two of The Displacement Duology.

After the epic space journey of Dangerous to Heal, Negotiated Fate is set largely on Earth as Yaniqui tries to fit into her new home. But, like the titles below, just because they take place on a planet we know so well, doesn’t mean there aren’t implications that span the universe.

Book cover featuring NYC

The City We Became
By N.K. Jemisin

New York City is born, and when a city is born, they inhabit an avatar.  But New York City isn’t just any city, so it has six. Even as the strangers try to get their bearings—how do you represent a city for goodness sake?—NYC comes under threat from another dimension, a being that would be happy to squash their version of NYC out of existence. 

How it’s similar: Set completely on Earth, Jemisin brings the universe to her. High-stakes in NYC make this uniquely American.

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TV show book cover for the Magicians

The Magicians
By Lev Grossman

Quenten’s been waiting his whole life for the universe to realize he’s special. The chance comes when one day he walks into a garden and emerges in an elite magic university. But this isn’t wand waving. Magic is harsher and darker than he ever imagined.

How it’s similar: A whole dimension most Earthlings don’t think about and off-beat humor.

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text heavy book cover with random shit on the sides

The Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind
By Jackson Ford

Teagan can move shit with her mind, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to save the day. In fact, what she’d like to do is kick back and have a beer. Instead, she’s chasing bad guys and has way too many people looking to her for help. Set in Los Angeles, the chaos surrounding Teagan spills up the government ladder.

How it’s similar: A heroine that doesn’t always know what’s best, but stumbles along, dragging her good heart behind her.

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Setting sun book cover for Wanderers

By Chuck Wendig

A girl walks out of her house, still dressed in pajamas. She continues down the road, sleeping walking. More join her, all locked in a vacant state. As the country tries to understand what is happening, a pandemic and an ultra-intelligent AI interact in front of a political backdrop that could bring the world to its knees.

How it’s similar: Not in length, thank the writing gods. In multi-POV characters and far reaching worldbuilding.

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