2023 Year in Review

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Many people think you put your first book out and, ha, you’ve got it! You now understand the intricacies of the writing world. But the writing journey is a constant. And this year, I honed my writing schedule, evaluated my priorities, and learned more about myself as a creator.

Here’s some highlights from 2023:


  • I published my third book, Negotiated Fate, and closed The Displacement Duology. This story had been with me for a decade, and I’m glad it can now live its life on the shelves.
  • I’m working on my next book, a long, far future tale, and have now logged 30,000 words in the story. And there’s still so much to tell.
  • My essay Smooth Skinned appeared in FSM.
  • My short stories appeared in 17 Secrets including The Manors and A Magical Date, available at The Book Store.
  • I supported 18 writers one-on-one through my book coaching business, Conquer Books, and several dozen more through workshops and writerly events.
  • I got to collaborate with my sister, Nicole, to create a workbook for writers that helps them start their story right.


  • My favorite fiction title was The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal.
  • And the book that had the biggest impact on my creative life was The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.


  • My biggest trip was to France. My family spent four weeks in the French countryside eating cheese, visiting castles, and, in my case, writing.

Things I Tried

Summed up in those neat little bullet points, it feels completeas if I knew what I was doing all along. But, on the rainy days—the days where it felt like a cloud hovered over my writing desk—I didn’t know if I’d get there. Now that I have, I feel a boost of new confidence. And my sights are set on 2024.

See you there!

I'm Rebecca Zornow

I'm Rebecca Zornow

A science fiction author living in Wisconsin, I love traveling, eating good food, and reading long books.


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